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Centenary Ganesh Festival   (contd...)

On Saturday, September 5, L. K. Advani, the then leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha paid a visit to the festival. This was the first occasion of a political leader visiting our festival during centenary year.

On the same night, famous music director brothers and former residents of chawl - the late Kalyanji and his younger brother Anandji presented an orchestra called 'Sangeet Prasad'.

Anandjibhai revived some of his childhood memories when he was staying in chawl no 4. Both acknowledged their debt to the chawl saying they owed their success to the sanskars they received in the chawl. The artists who participated in the orchestra included Viju Shah, Sadhana Sargam, Sonali Bajpai, Sudesh Bhosle, Baby Shaheen and Johny Lever. No need to mention, this was quite appreciated.

The part II of the cultural programmes presented by local residents took place on Sunday, September 6. The colourful entertainment programme included Ganapatismaran, Naman, Koli Dance, Garba, Bharatanatyam; Bhangra, a few selected dances from a television programme Maharashtrachi Lokdhara and a comedy play called 'Amhi Jato Amuchya Gava'. Majority of the participants in these programmes were the active workers of the Sanstha. During the day they would work for the festival and in the night they would rehearse for the programmes. It was because of them that the cultural programmes became hit.

Every year, the Sanstha holds competitions for residents during the festival but for the centenary year, considering the time and space constraints, competitions were held before festival started. The winners of carom and musical chairs were given prizes by National weightlifter Vasant Joshi and cricketer Umesh Kulkarni (ex-resident of chawl) on September 7. They also received special certificates produced for the centenary.

On the same day which was Ekadashi, a keertan was held, as is the custom of the festival here. Narendrabao Hate, Malgundkar, Suresh Bhave and Kamlakar Aurangabadkar presented a chakri keertan (keertan by rotation).

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