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Centenary Festival
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Suvasinis (married Women) waiting for Shree Ganesha
to perform His Aarti
Release of a Souvenir by Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar (L) MLA Chandrakant Padwal
Sculptor Shri More is honoured by Shri Salgaonkar
Prof. Kocharekar is
honoured by
shri Salgaonkar
Saint Anna Maharaj
(105 yrs) is honoured
by Sadguru
Wamanrao Pai
Drama by residents
Audience enjoying
the Drama
'Devgani':- Renown classical singer Faiyaz
 Audience enjoying programme 'Devgani'
Marutibuva Bagde
Ashok Ranade
Padmashree Kalyanji &
Anandji (Ex-residents of chawls)
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